How to set the default value for fuel excise tax

In this article we describe how to setup excise tax status of a debtor for excise tax on fuel.

For most operators, excise tax is exempted on international flights. Therefore, the default behavior of FBO One to apply the tax only if the flight is international. See the Maine State Excise calculator, the Dutch fuel duty calculator and the generic Fuel Duty calculator.

However, some operators or brokers may have an agreement with the state to be never charged excise tax, or to be always charged.

The tax status of the debtor is reflected when entering fuel tickets in FBO One:

To setup the excise tax status for fuel, look up the debtor. Go to the contracts tab:

If there is no handling contract yet, add one. Set the credit term for handling to 0 days.

If there is no fuel contract yet, add one. 

If the client has no credit term, then set that value to 0 otherwise leave it as is. 

Finally, update the 'Excise tax exempt type' to the applicable status and save the fuel contract