Block repay when online payment is settled

If a back office finance system such as SAP doesn’t support multiple payments per order, we need to ensure a settled online payment isn’t credited and re-billed on the same order.
In this case a new related order should be created with the payment correction.

The Application Setting ‘BlockMultipleOnlinePaymentsPerOrder’ ensures there is always one payment per order on FBO One.
When the setting is set to ‘TRUE’ a user attempting a repay will show an error when the payment is already settled.

Navigate to: 'Administration / Application / Application Settings' to edit the setting.

When the front office attempts to repay the order that has a settled online payment, they will receive the following message:

Repay is only possible when the online payment is not yet settled.
When the online payment is authorized (not settled) the payment is voided, no transaction is created in the back-end.