How to update minor detail changes to Gendecs

This page explains how to make minor changes to a Gendec.

In this example the following changes needed to be made to the gendec:

  • Customs declaration text to be modified
  • Yes / No Check-boxes  to be added
  • Removal of one signature
  • Change of second signature text


NOTE: It may be best to test the following in usertest before putting it to live.


The old Gendec footer is as follows:

The new Gendec footer should look like this:

Downloading & modifying the template document

To begin, go to Administration > Template documents and search for the Gendec templates that need modifying

Use 'Select' to highlight the document you will update first.

Then use the download button to download the old template document

Once the Excel document is open, make the necessary changes.

In this example, the firearms text was reduced, the check boxes added and the signature fields modified.

The layout of the document was not touched, therefore this shouldn't impact the format when printing.

Once the changes have been made, go to file > print, within Excel to review your document and ensure it will print correctly.

Save the document locally to your computer ready to be uploaded into FBO One.


Uploading the new template document

Return to FBO One and remain within Administration > Template documents:

Use 'Select' to highlight the document to be updated

Then use the 'Update' button to display the following screen:

The 'Choose file' button will allow you to search and select the newly modified Gendec template.

Once selected the document name will appear as below. Click OK to save

The Gendec template has now been changed.

To ensure the Gendec is populating correctly, return to the front office and open the Outbound gendec.

Repeat the above process to change the Inbound gendec.