Granting access to mobile devices

When accessing FBO One from a public network, access must be granted to each browser or mobile device used.In this document we outline how you can grant access to your mobile device.Get Access Via an Activation Email


  • The Private User account must have an email address assigned.

  • Device Authorisation is enabled.

  • Device Authorisation By Email is enabled.

  • NOTE: Group accounts cannot use this feature.

  1. If the prerequisites are met, you will see the message below when attempting to login to [YourFBOName] from a public network using the company approved mobile device.

  2. If you do not see the link below, skip to Activating without an activation code

  3. Fill out the form to and 'Submit' to request an activation code

  4. If all the information is correct, the User will receive an email to their FBO One registered email address similar to the one below.

  5. Enter the activation code on the following screen presented to the User

  6. If the steps above are executed correctly, the User will be redirected to the FBO One login screen.

  7. Enter your Username and Password to login.

Activating mobile devices without using an activation code sent by email

  1. The User will be presented with the page below when trying to log in from a public network if the device is not already approved and the 'DeviceAuthorizationByEmail' setting is false.

  2. To make it easier to identify their device request, they should provide the activation request number.

  3. Using menu search, navigate to "Device Authorizations"

  4. Use the filter or search box to identify the matching "Requested" record in the list.

  5. Select 'edit' for the record

  6. 'Clear' and use the dropdown to change the 'Status' to 'Approved'.

  7. Select 'Save'.

  8. Verify the Status has changed to 'Approved' and notify the user that they should now be able to login from that device after a page refresh.

6. Log in to FBO One

Once a confirmation has been received from the administrator that the devices authorization request has been approved, refresh the web page and the normal FBO One login screen will be displayed.

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