Granting access to mobile devices

When accessing FBO One from a public network, access must be granted to each browser or mobile device used.In this document we outline how you can grant access to your mobile device.

1. Login attempt

When you access FBO One, the following screen is displayed, informing the user that they are on a public network.

By clicking the link, the user can request an activation code to be sent to his email address. If no 'click here to activate' link is displayed, see step 4 below.

2. Request activation code by email

The user can now request an activation code by filling out the screen displayed below.

  • Use your private user name and password. Using a group account such as 'FBO Ops' is not allowed. This is because the activation code must remain private; it will be sent to the email address that is set in the user account.
  • The device description is needed that the application administrator can see which mobile devices have been authorized
  • The security code needs to be re-entered to prevent internet attacks

After submitting the request, the screen below is displayed.

In this screen, the user can enter the activation code that is received by email. 
An example of such a message is displayed below:

After the security code has been submitted, the user can use FBO One.

4. Activating mobile devices without using an activation code sent by email

If the application setting DeviceAuthorizationByEmailAllowed is not enabled, login attempts from public networks will be blocked as shown below:

In this case, an application administration needs to enable the device manually as shown below, based on the displayed activation request number.

5. Authorize the device

Go to Menu | Administration | Device Authorizations to lookup the authorization request and either approve or deny the request. Also, fill in the device's description.

6. Log in to FBO One

Once a confirmation has been received from the administrator that the devices authorization request has been approved, refresh the web page and the normal FBO One login screen will be displayed.

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