How to update a template signature in the Email layout

This article explains how to update a scanned signature.

These are typically found in addition to a text signature on an email layout.

  1. Locate the current template document to be updated via Administration > Template documents
  2. Search for the template signature which requires the update and 'Select' it
  3. Use the 'download' button to review it and ensure it's size matches the new one



Note: It's a good idea to enter the size of such images under the file name. This way, when updates are made, the new image is sized correctly 

To re-size the new image, open it in Paint, right click, then Open with > Paint

Use the Re-size function, then set the necessary number of Pixels (as saved in the file description)

Save this image, again referencing the number of pixels and the image reference.

In FBO One, use the 'Update' button to upload the new signature

Choose the file that was just saved and click ok to upload the new signature