Airport Opening Time Parking Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate parking duration which excludes the aircraft ground time during airport (handling station) closure times.

For example the aircraft is on the ground for 24hrs during which the airport is closed for 6 hours, the billable duration would be 18hrs (closed hours are not taken into account).

It's important to note that this calculator only supports 1 closed period per day therefore if multiple closed periods are entered, in the airport opening list, the duration will be incorrect. An example of this would be closure times between 09:00-10:00 and again 17:00 and 19:00. The airport schedule can be configured from the administration page | Airport opening lists.

The airport opening list can be configured with a free period of parking, expressed in minutes. If the total duration of parking is below this value, parking will not be charged.
The number of 'Free Minutes' is applied on a per day basis so the total number of minutes from arrival to departure is calculated, the free minutes for the total period are subtracted and finally FBO One will divide this amount by the charging interval (and by tons if this setting is in use)

This calculator's default unit is per 24hrs however the price calculator settings listed below allows this to be configurable e.g per 12hrs, per hour or even per 15mins

The following settings can be added to the 'Price Calculator Settings' for this calculator:

ChargingInterval (default=Per 24 Hours)
This is configurable. Some examples may be - Per Hour - ChargingInterval=01:00:00 / Per 12hrs - ChargingInterval=12:00:00 / Per 15-Mins - ChargingInterval=00:15:00

MultiplyByTons (default=false)
This will multiply the duration by the aircraft weight in tons; MultiplyByTons=true

Rounding method (default=Ceiling)
This allow you round the duration up/down or to the nearest unit; RoundingMethod=NearestInteger or RoundingMethod=Floor

Note: Shared parking options are not compatible with this calculator

Example of Calculator Use:

Parking is charged at EUR 2.10  per ton per hour during airport opening hours Only
6-hours free Parking after arrival.
The airport is closed between the hours of 2300-0600LT.

An Aircraft weighing 5-Tonnes Arrives 1-Jul-2000 / Departs 4-Jul-1000.
Total Parked Time = 62-Hours

Subtract 6-hours Free Parking after Arrival (2300-0600 & 0600-0700 = 6-Hours) = Total Parked Time of 56-hours
Subtract airport closed time 2300-0600LT on 1st / 2nd / 3rd of July (less 21-hours) = Total Chargeable Parked time is now 35-hours

Sum: 5-Tonnes x EUR 2.10 x 35 hours = A Parking charge of EUR 367.50

Calculator Settings Used: ChargingInterval=01:00:00; MultiplyByTons=true

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