How to restrict Suppliers for Products to specific Handling Station Groups

This feature is useful for FBO Locations managing multiple Handling stations. 

It allows for suppliers to be allocated per Handling station. This ensures that only the relevant suppliers are displayed for each product, dependant on the Handling station.


Regional co-ordination is organised by one central office for all Handling locations across France.

Each 3rd party product contains supplier options for all handling stations making the list very long and increasing the margin for error.

Assigning each Supplier to a Handling Station Group ensures that only the suppliers for the specified Handling station are shown.

In this example, the HOTEL product is used. FBO One currently contains 480 Hotel Suppliers across all French Handling locations. 

Step-by-step guide


  1. Setup the Station groups to which the suppliers will be assigned. 
    Go to Administration > Station > Station Groups.
    In this example, LFMN has been added to the list. 
    NOTE: This title is the name of the station group. If for example, several stations in the south of France were part of this group, it could be called 'Cote d'Azur'.

  2. Next, add the station(s) to be part of this group. For this example, only one location is part of the group and has been added.

  3. Once all the Handling Station groups have been created, the Suppliers for each product can be assigned accordingly.
    For this example the HOTEL Product is being used.

    The below image shows the Hotel Suppliers list. One of these suppliers has already been assigned to the handling location LFMN. 
    All of the suppliers on this list need to be assigned to a handling station in order for this to work correctly.
    To do this, use the 'edit' button, and in the field 'Applies to handling station group' add the applicable handling stations

    Once complete, each supplier should be assigned to a handling station group.
    In this example the Hotel suppliers have been assigned to either the station LFMN or LFMD

  4. Now, when users create a handling order for the handling station LFMN, then add a Hotel, only the hotel suppliers for LFMN will show: