How to enter End of Month Fuel Stock Takings

An option to create a stock taking record for every tank, truck, and cart at once is available from Fuel / Stock Takings. This option to create multiple records is designed to record routine, end of month, physical inventories.

Before starting the entry process in FBO One, you should have the information from the physical stock taking on hand, including:

  • quantity from physical measurement
  • temperature when measured
  • date and time measured 

It is possible to record a stock taking for a single tank or truck from Fuel / Running Stock / Add Stock Taking. This option would be used if you are activating or deactivating a truck, or need to replace or calibrate a meter.  

End Of Month Process

  1. Go to Fuel Tab / Stock Takings

  2. See the option to create  a new stock taking. Stock takings can be auto created by FBO location, for all fuel types at once, or for a single fuel type.

  3. After setting FBO location and selecting fuel type(s), set the date and ACTUAL time the physical stock taking was performed and Create the records.

    When you enter a date and time, FBO One will look through the existing fuel records and retrieve the last meter reading and estimated quantity on hand prior to the date and time you enter.

  4. Some users with special fuel inventory configurations may receive a warning about a negative estimated quantity. This warning can be ignored.

  5. After the stock taking records are created, they are listed for further action. At this point the stock keeping records exist based on the best information available from your FBO One system.

  6. Next, it is time to review the stock taking records that were created and add in the most recent information acquired from the physical inventory.

    Click on the View Stock Takings link.

  7. The resulting Running Stock screen will be automatically filtered to show the stock taking tickets just created for each tank, truck, and cart.

  8. With your physical inventory list in hand, left click on the "Completed" line for a stock taking, and select Edit.

  9. Check Quantity and Fuel Temperature. If the data does not match your physical inventory, enter the data from your physical inventory.
  10. If physical inventory is taken for tanks and trucks at different times, enter the ACTUAL time the inventory was taken for this specific unit.  
  11. Enter the meter reading at the time the physical inventory was taken.

  12. Check and update the stock takings for each tank, truck, and cart on your physical inventory list.

Deleting Stock Takings

If necessary, it is possible to delete a complete batch of stock taking records at once. This might apply if you used the wrong date and time for the entries. Once you delete a batch of stock takings, whether they have been edited / updated or not, they are permanently removed.

Duplicate Key Row Error Message

If  you receive the error shown below when trying to create stock taking records, it means records already exist for the fuel type, date, and time that you selected. The system will not overwrite these records. Review the existing stock taking records to resolve the issue.