Connecting XM95U Card Swipe Unit


The XM95U card swipe unit is easy to install.

  1. Plug into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Typically you will see a message that the unit is installing, and another message when installation is complete. This only takes a minute.

  3. Once installed, a green light indicates the unit is ready for use.

  4. A card can be swiped in either direction. Once complete, the unit makes a soft beeping sound (1 to 3 times depending on the card type). To test, open Notepad and then swipe a card. The results should look similar to this:

  5. If the unit doesn't beep, the swipe was not successful, likely because the swipe action was not fast enough. 

    If the light flashes red, the swipe was not successful. Try again. If the card continues to fail, the magnetic stripe on the card may be damaged. Try key entering the card information. 

    If the light is constantly red and / or multiple cards fail, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the reader to establish a better connection.

Configuration for use with Non-English Keyboards

The XM95U card swipe unit connects to your computer and works as a keyboard wedge. This simply means that when a card is swiped, the data on the card is translated through your keyboard into computer readable text and symbols. By default, the XM95U card swipe unit is configured to work with U.S. / English keyboards. If you use a non-English keyboard, a quick utility program can be downloaded and the setting on the device can be changed to match your keyboard.

1) First, make sure the XM95U card swipe unit is connected to the computer.

2) Download the file found here:

3) Once downloaded, locate the folder and use the 'Extract All' option to extract the files to a folder on your desktop.

4) Open the resulting new folder and locate the 'Setup.exe' file. Double click to run the file.

5) The installation wizard will open. Work your way through the setup screens making the selections shown below.

6) Once computer reboot is complete, locate the new MagSwipe folder and double click 'MagSwipe Configuration Utility' to make changes to the device.

7) Select 'Change Basic Reader Settings'.

8) Select the 'Keyboard Settings' tab. Select the language of your keyboard, then 'Send to MSR'. This will send the new setting to your connected device. The card reader will beep when the change is made.

9) Confirmation is shown on screen that the setting change is complete. Close and exit the utility.