Quotes module at a Glance

  • Create quotes, either as full handling orders or as place-holder 'over the counter' OTC orders to which you can add products at will.
  • Quotes draw upon the price agreements also used for any other order, you can manage those in the same way.
  • Send quotes to your prospects by email. The Send Quote to Client task is available in the Quote details screen.
  • Quotes can be converted to a confirmed order using the Convert to Order command in the Quote details screen. This will allow you to send a handling confirmation message to the customer.
  • Quotes can also be marked as cancelled, again using the menu in the Quote details screen.
  • You can report on active or cancelled quotes. As quotes are stored as regular orders, you can run the "Orders [basic]" report from the Report menu. In Excel, Column AD (OrderState) can be used to filter out the orders that are open quotes (Quote) or cancelled quotes (Cancelled quote). The Quotes screen also has a filter option for the Quote status (active or cancelled).
  • The email message format and subject text are specified in the configuration of the Send Quote service workflow that is bound to the Send Quote task. To send the quote, the ClientNotificationService action screen is used.
  • When creating quotes, in many cases the actual tail number is not yet know. In order to be able to quote based on a generic aircraft type, it is needed to setup place holder aircraft registrations for each of the types. In the screenshot on this page, we quoted a 737 by setting up a registration with the tail number ?737? and the operator UNKNOWN OPERATOR. You can add these generic tail numbers/types by searching for the UNKNOWN OPERATOR contact using the top-right search box, and add tail numbers as needed using the Add Registration command in the 'view contact' page. If no account exists yet for an Unknown Operator, the contact can be created using Menu | Home | Add Organization.


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