This calculator will charge 1 unit per calendar day that the aircraft is on the ground. May also apply parking assignments logic.If the products Parking position price category is set it can also apply 1 unit for each day on a particular parking bay.

supported Price calculator settings include:

FreeMinutesAfterArrival (int; default=0)

Specify a number of free of charge minutes after the Aircraft has arrived. 

IncludeUnassignedTime (bool; default=false)
Whether or not to include the unassigned time (time where the aircraft was on the ground, but no parking position was recorded). This should be set to true for simple parking calculations, where location is not important for price. It should be false if taxi-time should not be charged, or if there is another product that charges the unassigned time.

EstimateChargesBeforeArrival (bool; default=true)
If true, the parking calculation will consider unassigned time for parking until the a/c has actually arrived. This setting will only show charges when a Parking stand is set pre-arrival.
Note: Shared parking options are not compatible with this calculator

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