How to Setup Pricing based on Aircraft Types

In some cases services such as Handling may be priced based on the type of aircraft or even a group of aircraft types.

Where this is the case, custom values can be created for each of the aircraft types (or groups of aircraft), assigned to the type, and then used in creation of the price agreements.

In this example a handling location provides handling prices based on aircraft types and in some cases based on groups of aircraft types.

Creating the Custom Values for each Aircraft Type

From the Administration section of FBO One, search 'Custom Values'

Use the 'Add New' button to create a new Custom Value called 'Aircraft Type' 

Next, values should be created for each Aircraft type requiring type specific pricing.

Ensure the Custom Value header is selected, then use the 'Add New' button in the section below to add all the required values (in this case the aircraft types)

Once all the necessary values are created, under the section 'Tables applicable to the Custom Property selected above', use the 'Add new' button to search the table 'AircraftType', then 'Save'.

This will ensure the custom value can be selected in the Aircraft type screen only.

All values should now be assigned to the relevant aircraft types via the 'Edit aircraft type' screen for each type. 

When a new aircraft type is created, a new custom value should also be created by a system administrator and linked to the new type.

Using Custom Values to create a Price for a specific Aircraft Type

Under the relevant product (in this example 'Handling'), use the 'add new' button to begin creating the price agreement.

To ensure the price entered is specific to one aircraft type in particular, use the 'Custom value' to select the correct value which was assigned to the aircraft type. Also ensure the field 'Consider custom values from' is set to 'Registration or else Debtor'.

In this example, the handling price of $1000 is being assigned to the Aircraft type 'MD83' (for which the custom value is also MD83), when handled at a specific group of stations.

Once created, the price agreement should look like this

Repeat the process for all type specific handling prices.

Creating Custom Value Groups in order to Group Aircraft Types

Whereby one price is applicable to a group of aircraft, a 'Custom Value Group' can be created. This allows for only one price agreement to be created rather than one for each type.

In this example, a custom value group is being created in order to group together all Boeing 777 & 747 Freighter type Aircraft, which have the same price for handling at a specific location.

Under the 'Administration' section of FBO One, search 'Custom Value Groups'.


Use the 'Add new' button to create the name of the 'Custom Value Group', in this case the name 'Boeing 777 & 747 Freighters' has been chosen



Next, under the section 'Custom values assigned to the group selected above', use the 'Add new' button to add all the relevant custom values to be part of this group. In this case all the B777 & 747 freighter type aircraft have been assigned to the group.


 Using Custom Value Groups to create a Price for Groups of Aircraft

For this example, a Handling price of $3000 is applicable at a specific location for all B777 & B747 Freighter type Aircraft. Ordinarily, a price agreement would be created for each of these types resulting in six price agreements. Using the 'Custom Value Group' created for this group of aircraft means only one price agreement is now required.

Again under the price agreements tab of the 'Handling' product use the 'Add new' button to begin creation of the new price agreement.

This time, instead of selecting a value for the field 'Custom value', select the group of aircraft under the 'Custom Value Group' field. Ensure the field 'Consider custom values from' is set to 'Registration or else Debtor' 

The completed price agreement should now look like this