How to submit and process GCR Slot Requests using FBO One

Requesting a New Slot

There are two Slot products shown on the Order, one for arrival and another for departure.
The date/time shown in STA/STD fields is used to define the Slot times being requested.

Use the workflow step ‘Request new Slot', to begin. The slot message will be pre-formatted for a New slot request, and will populate using the details entered in the Order.
The request can be reviewed here, but shouldn’t require modification. If any of the details are wrong, correct these on the Order itself before proceeding:

Note: If no flight number is entered, the message will show /REG on the 2nd line, and the A/C registration will be inserted instead.

Click OK to send the message to Slot Coordination.
The workflow will then show 'Requested':

Entering the Slot Coordinator Response

Once the response is received from Slot Coordination, this should be copy/pasted into FBO One. Use the 'Enter Slot Reply' workflow step to do this:

The response should be pasted in the 'Slot reply message text' field as shown below. As the message is entered, FBO One will interpret the reply and update the text shown beneath the slot reply field:

Clicking OK will save the Slot detail. The allocated slot time will be automatically updated on the FBO One Order, and any Slot ID will also be added:

Processing ‘Unavailable’ Slot Time Coordinator Responses

If the requested Slot time was unavailable, the Slot Coordination response should still be copy/pasted as it is received. FBO One will read this message and update the order accordingly. In the below example, the requested slot time was unavailable.
The coordination response rejected the requested time, and then provided the nearest available slot. Once pasted into FBO One, the message is translated, allowing the user to review before saving and updating the order.
The workflow state will show 'Different Slot Received'.

This reply contains
EDDM UNAVAILABLE. 21 Apr 2020 17:00ZZ. ID ???
EDDM CONFIRMED. 21 Apr 2020 17:05ZZ. ID ID.EDDM990888776. This will be saved

Requesting a different Slot

Following a schedule change, a new slot (or slots) must be requested. In the below example, the arrival date and time have been changed. The A/C will now arrive 22-Apr 1600, instead of 21-Apr 1700. The correct procedure, is to update the FBO One Order dates/times, and then revise the slot request(s). Use the 'Request a different slot' step in the workflow to open the updated GCR Request

The slot revision template will be pre-formatted with the new GCR request. Click OK to send:

The previous slot ID will be cleared, and the workflow will again show 'Requested'

Once the new slot is received, copy/paste the Slot Coordination response to update the order with the new slot details:

Sending a Cancellation Request:

To have a Slot Cancelled / Deleted e.g. following flight cancellation, use the 'Send Cancellation Request' workflow option:

The GCR request will again be pre-formatted for this request:

Once the response is received from Slot Coordination, copy/paste this message, using the 'Enter Slot Reply' workflow step:

The workflow will again be updated, and is now complete:

Using an Online System for Slot Requests & Processing the reply in FBO One

In some cases, Slots maybe requested via another system, and without the need to send the GCR message from FBO One. If the response however, is in GCR format, this may still be processed using FBO One. In this case the workflow can be setup to have the option to by-pass the Slot Request screen.

Slot Co-ordination between 2 German Slot-Coordinated Airports

In Germany, when a flight is between 2 German Slot Coordinated airports, it is often necessary to request both slots for both airports at the same time. This can be done either using the standard GCR message, or using the E-Slots system.
When the response is received it will contain both slot allocations and may also contain the Departure Slot for the Handling station. In the below example, there are 3 Slots contained, for the routing EDDL-EDDM / EDDM-LIRP:

K FLJ611 01JUL 000E135 1210EDDM N / ID.EDDL2206204760
KFLJ611 01JUL 000E135 EDDL1325 N / ID.EDDM2206204760
K FLJ611 01JUL 000E135 1500LIRP N / ID.EDDM2206204761

(1) Departure Slot ID for EDDL (EDDL-EDDM) allocated at 1210
(2) Arrival Slot ID for EDDM (EDDM-EDDL) allocated at 1325
(3) Departure Slot for EDDM (EDDM-LIRP)

FBO One can process these replies, and will insert the Slot ID’s into the Remarks line of the Service.
For the Arrival Slot section, the departure Slot line for EDDM-LIRP should be removed. The response is therefore inserted as follows:

The FBO One Service line will then show both Slots:

The Handling Confirmation too will show both

NOTE: For E-Slot replies, when the requested Slot in unavailable, the ‘U' line is omitted and the 'K’ line will simply contain the Slot time closest to the requested time. FBO One will recognize this and update the slot time accordingly



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