AIR Card Invoice Debtor Configuration (BGR)

1) Valued Air Card Customer / Air Card debtor

Debtor only
Disable COF

Is Department of Defense = YES (for reporting, sets fuel type as DOD instead of Retail or IP)

2) Activate AHT Air Card FOP

Debtor: Air Card

3) Air Card Debtor settings

Handling & Fuel contracts point to invoice debtors
Requires carnet payment: NO!
SET always exempt:YES

4) Invoice Debtors:

Kropp for Handling 0000003960
Disable COF

DOD for Fuel 0000003938
Disable COF

5) Air Force, Navy, Army, USMC, Coast Guard records (Always Air Card, Always SET & FET exempt):

FET | Full Exemption 0.00 FET
Default Debtor to Charge = Air Card

6) 'Civilian' Air Card holders are not fully exempt from FET. Pay special rate of .218. (Dept of Commerce, FAA, Dept of Interior, Maine Fish and Wildlife, US Customs, NOAA, Maine State Police)

FET | Partial Exemption .218 FET