How to override the Duty Tax flag

FBO One has a structured workflow:

  1. entering work orders
  2. entering services such as fuel tickets
  3. approving the fuel tickets
  4. approving the order for invoicing
  5. invoicing
  6. booking the invoices into an accounting system and reporting fuel sales

After the order is invoiced, FBO One does not allow updates to the orders. If corrections need to be made after the workflow is complete, an order can be credited, and a corrected order can be generated. 

In rare occasions, it may be acceptable and desirable to bypass having to generate a credit-order, and instead patch the data in a fuel ticket after it has been invoiced. An example for this process is when an into-plane refuelling has been recorded incorrectly and a change needs to be made that has no impact on the actual invoice but only on the fuel sales reports.

Suppose there is the need to change the 'Is duty tax exempt' flag on a fuel ticket. If this field is used for reporting purposes only, and not invoices, it can be patched on an invoiced order.

For this, the user needs to have Admin permissions on the order table.

Go to Administration | Orders, and search for the order number that contains the fuel ticket that needs correction. Then select the order line that contains the fuel uplift workflow.  The edit the 'stock mutation' record. See screenshot below. All changes are recorded in the Audit Log and can be review using 'View Log'.