How to set-up an additional handling station for an existing FBO Location

For example, in Amsterdam during the World Fashion Forum, some flights are managed by us on the Lelystad Airport (EHLE), so we thought to add this airport as an additional station to the EHAM location.

This process in terms of FBO One it is called setting up regional coordination for the AMS FBO and it allows users physically located in AMS to arrange for services and calculate Airport fees and other taxes remotely for that specific airport.


Administration \ Station \ Fbo location

  • tick the box provide regional coordination

Administration \ Workflow \ Order workflow

  • select HandlingOrder 
  • add new workflow start transition
    • Name: New outbased handling order
    • Description: Create a full handling order with possibility to select a handling station
    • Configuration string: selectDefaultHandlingStation=EHLE
    • Sort index: 115
    • Restricted to FBO location group: Ams only

As a result of the above, you should be able to have in the Create order screen the option to create a ‘New outbased handling order’ and in the OPS screen to filer the open orders based on the handling stations.

Administration / Products / Auto add products

The new outbased handling orders are part of the regular handling order workflow therefore the same products will be auto-added (Handling Fee products, Airport fee products). You can change them by using more/less filters depending on your needs.

It may be that you want to have new products, in this case, you would have to create them first, set up prices and then to add them in the auto-add product list.

Peak lists for price agreements

Typically, the handling fees and airport fees contain price components based on the opening ours of the handling station. If you try to create a new outbased order and such products are auto-added, you will receive errors that peak lists are not defined for the specified handling station.

If the existing peak list of the FBO Station is valid also for the outbased handling station, you can create a new Station group to include both stations and then edit the peak list such that it is valid for the group and not only for one station

If this is not the case, you can use the ‘copy ’ button as a starting point in defining a new peak list for the outbased station.

After these changes, you should be able to create new outbased handling orders.