How to send a notification email with an auto-attached report containing handling order information

Use case: In our flight handling orders, sometimes we add a task service to request airport extension hours. This task is sending a well formatted email containing the flight details and also we need to include a report based on the handling order/flight details.

How can we have the report auto-attached to the email so users don't forget to manually add the document?

ETA:  ~MostActualArrivalTimeUTC~ / ~MostActualArrivalTimeLT~
From: ~OriginStationIcao~
ETD: ~MostActualDepartureTimeUTC~ / ~MostActualDepartureTimeLT~
To:  ~DestinationStationIcao~
<b> Request for Extension of Hours Form is Attached </b>


Administration / Reporting / Reports

The Extension of hours form is an RDL report with a template behind. The system requires that the report to be auto-attached to be an RDL based report. (ARR Extension Request Form_Template.rdl)


Administration / Reporting / Order Reports

The report needs to be marked as an order report. This will allow us to attach the report to the email but also to run in interactively in the Order screen / Print menu

Administration / Workflow / Service workflows / 

As a last step we have to link this order report with our Task/Transition Action.

Once the configuration is complete, if you try to send the notification, you should see which reports will be included as below