How to Setup Products for GCR Slot Processing

Some airports use GCR Format for airport slot coordination. FBO One is able to compile this format of message using the Order details, and also automatically process the slot replies as received from the Slot Coordinator.

See also: How to submit and process GCR Slot Requests using FBO One

Setting up the Products

Dedicated products must be created for GCR Slot requests - one for the Arrival Slot, and another for the Departure slot.

Within the product setup the following workflow must be used. This is a pre-created workflow in FBO One that should not be modified:

The following settings are also required on both products.
The message must be plain text for automatic reading by the Slot Coordination, and therefore the setting 'Is supply order Email in HTML format', must be un-checked:

Adding the Slot Coordinator’s Email:

The slot coordinator must be added as a Supplier, complete with the email address which should receive the slot requests:

Organization Created (Supplier)

Supplier linked to Products

Once setup correctly, the products, once added to the order, should show the correct workflow and slot coordinator address

For details on how to process the GCR Slot requests in FBO One see:
How to submit and process GCR Slot Requests using FBO One

Using FBO One to process only the Slot Reply
(Online slot request made using alternate system)

When a Slot can be requested outside of FBO One through another system, it is still possible to process a GCR formatted response within FBO One. When this is the case, the FBO One support team will be able to modify the standard GCR Workflow to incorporate this scenario upon request.

Service Workflow Transitions:

The following Service Workflow Transitions are used in the GCR Slot workflow setup:

  • ReactDialog.SlotRequest
    Creates the GCR formatted request. After the initial request has been sent, this same transition will be used to 'update' a request using the relevant GCR action codes (see below)


  • ReactDialog.SlotProcessReply
    This transition displays the screen whereby the user may enter the slot response from the coordinator. FBO One will process the reply using the GCR action codes from the reply (see below).


  • ReactDialog.SlotCancel
    This transition displays the pre-formatted Slot Cancellation message to be sent to the Slot Coordinator


GCR Action Codes


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