By default, there is no field to record the Bag Count on Arrival or Departure:


Showing the 'Baggage Pieces' field in the Arrival / Departure screens

In order for the ‘Baggage Pieces’ field to show, the following configuration string(s) must be added within the HandlingArrive and HandlingDepart transitions of the Order Workflow:


The 'Baggage Pieces' field is then shown, but the data will not yet show in the Movement message:


Setting up the Baggage Pieces Counts as Custom Values

There is currently no email template variable for this field. It must therefore be added to the ArrivalNotificationEmailBody / DepartureNotificationEmailBody using Order Calculated Custom Values

The following two custom values should be created:


The following formulas should be added for each of the values respectively:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ((Func<string>)(() => { { var orderField = (int?)input.GetOrderField("BaggagePiecesIn"); if (!orderField.HasValue) return "-"; else return orderField.Value + ""; } }))();


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ((Func<string>)(() => { { var orderField = (int?)input.GetOrderField("BaggagePiecesOut"); if (!orderField.HasValue) return "-"; else return orderField.Value + ""; } }))();

Finally, link both custom values to the Order table


Showing the Baggage Pieces Count in Movement Messages

Next, the newly created custom values must be added to the Movement message templates in the following format:




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