SKU Excise Taxes (Fields)

A SKU excise tax has the following fuel related fields that can be edited in the SKU excise taxes (Administration) page.


SKU excise taxes

Defines a duty tax or a government tax that applies to a fuel SKU.


The SKU for this SKU excise taxMandatory field.


The name of the SKU excise tax. This should be a clear description of the tax for reports and fuel ticket screens, for example: JET A Mineral Oil Tax. Mandatory field.


Ledger that the duty tax is booked to. See Ledgers (Administration).

To be paid sub administration

The sub administration code for the duty tax payment. See Sub administrations (Administration).

Duty tax is charged when purchasing fuel

Indicates if the duty tax is charged on fuel purchases/deliveries. See Stock mutation workflows (Administration).

Prompt for final destination

Indicates if the user must enter the final destination of the flight in the 'Departing to (according to flight plan)' field on the fuel ticket - pre-filled with the destination from the flight leg if available. This flag indicates if the destination should be taken into account for duty tax exemption. For example, if destination is domestic, the duty tax should be charged.

Prompt for final destination even if given in handling order

The 'Departing to (according to flight plan)' field from 'Prompt for final destination' setting is populated blank not using the destination from the flight leg, forcing the user to choose a destination.

Prompt for exemption

Indicates if the user can specify if the fuel transaction is exempt from duty tax. Note that this can be overridden in the customers contract with the 'Duty tax exemption type' field. 


Caption displayed when 'Prompt for exemption' field is checked. For example: Exempt of mineral oil tax (MOT).

Duty tax periods

Defines the price of a duty tax in a given period.

Sku period

The SKU period for the selected duty tax. See SKU (Stock Keeping Units) (Fields)Mandatory field.

Unit price

The unit price for the selected duty tax for this SKU period. Mandatory field.


The currency for the unit price for the selected duty tax for this SKU period. See Currencies (Administration)Mandatory field.


The unit for the selected duty tax for this SKU period. See Units (Administration)Mandatory field.

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