Contracts (Fields)

A contract has the following fields that can be edited in the Contracts (Administration) screen and in the 'Contract' tab of the Organization contact details screen.


Specifies for this debtor, the payment terms per product-group. This includes for example the credit term in days and the billing form of payment and currency.

Product group

Indicates the product group for which this contract is valid. Typically, either all handling services or a fuel uplift product. See Product Groups (Administration) Mandatory field.

Credit term in days

The amount of days this contract has credit/on-account terms for. If zero, the debtor has no credit and must pay before departure. See How to set credit terms for handling (Contracts)

Expiry date

The expiry date for this contract. Expired contracts are automatically hidden, checking 'Show expired contracts' will show expired contracts with active contracts.

Next review date

For information purposes only, can be referenced in reporting.

Order form of payment

The form of payment for this contract, this can be any form of payment. When blank for zero day credit terms, the user must choose the form of payment for zero credit terms. When blank for non-zero credit terms the FBO location's 'Default on-account form of payment' is applied to orders. See Forms of payment (Administration).

Invoice form of payment

Allow batching orders with different forms of payment (carnets) for the same debtor, to batch to one single invoice with a primary form of payment. See Forms of payment (Administration).

Check-out remarks for customer service reps

Shows a check-out remark upon and payment. Works only if 'Check-out' workflow transition and taking a payment from this screen - will show with the receipt preview. Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 

Must be paid at OPS desk


Must be invoiced separately from other contracts

If checked, products belonging to different product groups will be split to related orders. If unchecked, the system will try to place all services on a single order, even if they are are related to different product group contracts. This requires that each contract has compatible payment terms. See How to always split fuel to a related order if no debtor contract exists for split product groups for contacts that have no contracts.

Invoice debtor

The debtor that's assigned after the invoice is created.

Requires carnet payment

Indicates this debtor should not be selected in the front office as the debtor for this contract.

Hide prices on operators' copy

Hides the price for fuel on the handling order's receipt. Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 

Valid for fuel additives (Prist)

Indicates if the contract is valid for Prist or similar additives. If not it will be charged separately. See SKU (Stock Keeping Units) (Fields) to define 'Anti-icing additive product (Prist)' product.  Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 

Is throughput (into plane)

If checked, each fuel ticket in the Fuel tickets (Back office) screen displays 'Throughput' in the 'Sales type' column. - Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 

Unit of measure to charge fuel in

The unit of measure that fuel is charged in for this contract. See Units (Administration)Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 

Duty tax exemption type

For debtors that are always exempt or not exempt from excise tax. If specified 'Exempt' or 'Not exempt', each fuel ticket duty tax status for this contract will be non-editable. See SKU excise taxes (Administration)Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 

Is ticket debtor's order number required

When checked the customers fuel ticket order number must be specified in the 'Fuel ticket debtor's order number' field on the fuel ticket page. Fuel product group SKU contracts only. 


Free text remarks for this contract. For example, this can describe the contract, or provide contract approval information. 

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