To save having to duplicate customer contracts with the same terms for multiple Administrations/Back offices, Administration groups can be created containing multiple single Administrations, allow for a single contract to multiple Administrations.

Note: Authorisation rights to Administrations and Product Groups are required, as well as standard Contract authorisations.

How-to video



  • Navigate to the Administrations (Administration) page and navigate to the ‘Administration groups’ table. Click ‘Add new’ to create a new Administration group.

  • Name and click ‘Save’ to save the new Administration group.

Add a descriptive name for the Administration group for example, the Administration members

  • Add each existing Administration into the new group by clicking ‘Select’ on the group and ‘Add new’ at the bottom.

  • Navigate to the Product Groups (Administration) page and click ‘Add new’ in the ‘Product groups’ area, choosing the previously created Administration group. Add a unique ‘Name’ to identify the product group. An error will show if the 
name exists elsewhere for the Administrations within the Administration 

  • Select the created product group and click 'Add new' in the 'Members of 
product group' area.

    • Add a blank member to assign all non-SKU fuel handling products to this 
product group, leaving the ‘SKU' and 'Stock mutation types’ field blank.

    • For SKU fuel contracts, add in the SKU and stock mutation type.

  • Create a new contract using 'Product group | 
Administration group' previously created:

This contract now applies to both Berlin and Frankfurt Administrations, 
saving the need to maintain two single contracts.

Adding a contract to a single Administration will always have priority over 
the Administration group contract. This allows for contract term exceptions from the