Peak Categories / Peak Lists (Fields)

A peak category and peak list has the following fields that can be edited in the Peak categories (Administration)Peak lists (Administration) screens.


Peak Categories

Peak categories


Name of Peak Category, it's useful to make this descriptive for reference in Peak lists (Administration) and Price agreement (Fields).

Peak category values


The peak category value name for the selected peak category. It's useful to make this descriptive for reference in Peak lists (Administration) and Price agreement (Fields).

Peak Lists

Peak/off peak definition lists

Peak-lists define peak/off-peak times for the days in a week. The list behaves like a circle, if the first item does not start at Sunday midnight, the last item in the list defines the category that is valid from Sunday midnight to the start time of the first item in the list.

peak category

Drop down of all available peak categories created in the Peak categories (Administration) page.


Drop down of all available Stations. Choose the appropriate station for Handling station (Glossary) or FBO Location defined in FBO Location (Fields).

Station groups

Drop down of all available Station groups (Administration), choose the appropriate station group for the group of Handling stations (Glossary) or FBO Locations defined in FBO Location (Fields).


Date in local time that the peak list is active from. Peak lists are automatically sorted to most applicable based upon the valid from date and the current date.

List Items - Define peak/off-peak times during the week

Starts at day of week (0=Sun, 6=Sat)

The day of the week in number only. 

  • 0 = Sunday
  • 1 = Monday
  • 2 = Tuesday
  • 3 = Wednesday
  • 4 = Thursday
  • 5 = Friday
  • 6 = Sunday
Starts at time of day (LT)

Time of the day of the week specified in the 'STARTS AT DAY OF WEEK (0=SUN, 6=SAT)' field in local time. Format = hh:mm

Peak category value

Drop down of available peak category values from the chosen 'Peak category' defined in the 'Peak/off peak definition lists' table. See Peak categories (Administration) for adding extra values to a category.