How to add Summary information to a Quote

When sending a Quote it may be necessary to include additional information (such as disclaimers, validity etc.) on the Quote document itself (pdf). 

This can be done using the setting 'Quote-SummaryInfo' found under either 'Report Settings' or 'FBO Location' settings in the Administration section of FBO One.

NOTE: Where multiple locations are handled by FBO One, this setting may require setup on a per location basis. When this is the case, the setting should be added per location via FBO Locations. Whereby the text is to be the same for all locations, the setting can be added via 'Report Settings'

For this example, additional text needs to be added to Quotes for AMS location only. Via FBO Locations, the location AMS is selected.

The 'Add new' button is used to search for the setting 'Quote-SummaryInfo'

In the field 'Value' the summary text can be added. Email Template Variables too can be used within this text

Once saved, this text will appear on all Quotes for the AMS location:

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