Online Credit Card Payment Error Messages

Occasionally a credit card transaction through the online gateway will be blocked by an error message. These messages come directly from the processor. Below are error messages that have been seen by the FBO One support team in the past.

Error Text


Error Text




Error: Unknown Card Type

Typically seen if the card number has been entered incorrectly, or it’s a card type that you are not authorized to process.

Business Rules Error 1015 Invalid Tail Number

Business Rules Error 1045 Fuel Price too High

Avcard has an allowed per usg rate (rate changes), and attempting a transaction at a higher rate results in an error. Typically you see the error if: 1) a user manually enters a quantity of just 1 usg and the total amount of the fuel sale, or enters a fuel quantity with a decimal (only whole gallons or liters are acceptable), 2) the fuel product isn’t properly configured for quantity & unit price (Show unit price and quantity on invoice), 3) AHT Product Mapping is missing or incorrect for one of the uplift price components.

Business Rules Error 1047 Air Card Contract transactions only allow one fuel line per purchase


Business Rules Error 2016 Received Line Items Calculation Error (PPP-8031)


Business Rules Error 2950 Federal Tax not allowed for DESC Aircard Transactions


Business Rules Error 2950 Fee Cannot Be Sold without a Fuel Product


Business Rules Error 2950 Future Delivery Date is not allowed


Business Rules Error 2950 Contract fuel items cannot have a price


Business Rules Error 2950 Invalid Invoice Number


Business Rules Error 2950 Invalid Tail Number

Avcard requires minimum tail number length of three characters.

Business Rules Error 2950 Unable to find the KHI Addendum product

Caused by a PCATS mapping issue between AHT and KHI. Resolved by AHT.

AHT Processing Error 2950 Invalid product code supplied

Avcard Wings did not accept mapping to PCATS code ‘Towing'. Changed code to 'Aircraft Towing', which was accepted.

Cannot PreNormalAuthorisation online payment, invoice result is ‘AHT Status: InvoiceIdMissing (delay abort)’


Error authorize payment, Normal authorization not approved. Response: 'CALL AMEX'


Error authorize payment, Normal authorization not approved. Response: 'HOLD CARD'


Error authorize payment, The sum line items 186.7400 is not the same payment amount 166.74

This typically indicates a problem with the product setup/tree in FBO One. Contact

Unable to process request-


Below error codes are specific to AIR Card.