If set to 'true' this setting enables the 'ETA at destination' fields to show in the departure screen

In order for this information to show on departure movement messages, one or both of the following variables must be added to the template for the DepartureNotificationEmailBody~EtaAtDestinationUtc~ ~EtaAtDestinationLt~.

Once added, these variables will display the ETA at Destination in the format dd-mmm-yy hh:mm (UTC) and dd-mmm-yy hh:mm (LT)

When a Flight is being tracked by CFMU/Eurocontrol, the ETA at Destination fields should auto-fill in the departure screen


If a flight is not tracked by CFMU and no ETA at Destination is available, be sure to 'clear' both the date and time from these fields.
This will ensure that an error is not displayed and that the ETA at Destination section of the movement message shows a '?'





Before using this setting, be sure to verify that all Stations in FBO One have the correct time zones assigned to them



See Also:

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