Payment requests (Administration)


Payment requests lines are automatically populated when ‘Pay by email & Card on file requests' are successfully sent via email from an order.

Each request can be edited to make the payment link inactive and expire (or extend the duration) a link is active via ‘Is Active’ and ‘Expires’ columns.

All payment requests


  • Is Active: Defines if the ‘Payment Link’ is active and can be used.

  • Expires: Defines if the ‘Payment Link’ has expired for use. Once expired, payment link can no longer be used. Default is 2 days from the payment link email sent. If Is Active = False, then expiry date is ignored - payment link can no longer be used. The date/time displayed is dependent on the user’s display time in either UTC or LT.

  • Request type: The type of email request, this can be either ‘Payment request’ via ‘Pay by email’, or ‘Card on file request’ via ‘Card on file request’.

  • Order: A direct link to the order number that the payment request or card on file request was sent from. 

  • Payment Link: A direct link to the secure link to complete payment request or card on file request. This can be opened to complete the request or copied for re sending. 

  • Confirmation To Address List: The list of email addresses separated by comma or semi-colon that receive confirmation of completed payments or added cards on file.

  • Log: Audit log of each row, showing when the row was created and any edited changes. Note: The audit log will contain a copy of the request sent, including all To, Cc and Bcc email addresses.


  • Is Active: Checkbox for defining it the ‘Payment link’ is active and can be used. If unchecked/No then Payment Link is no longer available for use.

  • Expires: Free text date and time field defining when the payment link expires. Format = dd-MMM-yy HH:mm

  • Confirmation To Address List: Free text listing email address separated by comma or semi-colon.