Date and time boxes

Everywhere in FBO One where a date (and time) can be selected, it looks like:

Entering dates by typing

A very simple and fast way to enter a date is by just typing. The datebox will assume the current year if you leave the year out and even the current month if you type just a number for the day. Also, there are several shortcuts for common dates:

- yesterday
* today
+ tomorrow
# 31-12-2099 (as an end date for reports)

Apart from these shortcuts, the arrow-up and arrow-down key can be used to move to the next day, month or year depending on where the cursor is.

These shortcuts all take the time setting (UTC or local time) of the current user into account.


Using the mouse and calendar control

By clicking on the small calendar icon, a calendar pops up, and a data can be selected by a simple mouse click. The single arrows in the header move one month back or forward, the double arrows three months at a time. Click on the month in the header to select another month or year directly

Entering times by typing

A time has to be entered by typing. The colon can be omitted, so typing '1624' will be 24 past 4 PM. Also, typing just a number below 24 will be converted to a full hour. Just as in the datebox, arrow-up and arrow down work to step to the next/previous hour or minute depending on where the cursor is. Two more shortcuts are available:

* current time
# 23:59 (end of the day, for pending departures)

Clearing date and time

The blue 'clear' link clears both the date and time box.