Menu & Header Bar

The top menu of FBO One is available at all times, and contains links to the key areas of FBO One.
It also displays the current FBO location

These menu options provide access to

  1. Home
  2. Ops Screen
  3. Create order
  5. Back office
  6. Reports

An additional menu icon is shown to the top left of the screen:

This menu opens up further links to other areas of FBO One:

To the top right of the screen, the Global Search box is available for searching data such as contacts, registrations, orders, invoices etc. from any screen

At the very top right of the screen, the logged in user, Fbo location and current date/time in both UTC and Local times, are displayed.
A mention to indicate which times are in use by the user account, is also displayed (e.g. 'times display in local time')