Handling orders in the front office

FBO One supports the complete handling process of the front office from entering a new handling request through closing the handling and hand it over to the back office.

Handling request

The process starts with entering a new handling request into the system and /wiki/spaces/MAN/pages/9079658 it to the customer.

  • Automatically send confirmation email to operator and debtor
  • Integration with Netjets
      - Automatically create and update handling requests
      - Pax / crew information (immigration form)
      - Track third party order numbers (catering/limo)
      - Basis to integrate with other operators (Universal, etc)
Line service execution

You can enter various line services such as catering orders, aircraft cleaning, refueling and so on. For each of the line services the system will track the progress and will keep you organized.

  • Configurable workflows
  • Automatically send supply order email to supplier
Close handling

Before departure the handling is closed, the final handling note (handling order) is generated and handed over to the captain.

  • Integration with CFMU
      - Automatically updates ETA, ETD
  • Movement notifications
      - Automatically send notification emails on arrival and departure
  • Payment
      - Automatically calculated airport fees (landing, parking, surcharges, etc.)
      - Default pricing and customer contracts are automatically applied on handling note
      - Multiple form of payments (cash, credit cards, invoice, etc.)
      - Split invoice for third-party services
Hand over to back office

After the flight is closed, the order is handed over to the back office. The accounting department will generate and send out all invoices to the customers using FBO One.

  • Integration between front office and accounting
      - Verify closed handling orders
  • Complete third-party services

OPS main screen

The OPS main screen is the main screen for the front office and focuses on the primary tasks of operations.

It provides an overview of all the open orders and gives insight in the workload of the coming shift. Also operations related daily reports can be accessed from here.

From this screen ops can quickly navigate to the order details and handle frequently used operational tasks like adding new services and set the progress of orders and services through workflow transitions.