Workflow overview (Handling orders)

The default workflow for a handling order is as follows:



The initial workflow state of the handling order is Requested. The most common flow is to go straight down to Registered to close the handling and hand it over to the back office. From requested you can either confirm or cancel the handling request.


In this state the handling order has been confirmed to the customer. From here you can still cancel the order or register the arrival.

When the request changes after it has been confirmed, you can also re-confirm the handling request. To keep the overview simple the transition is not displayed, but this transition goes from Confirmed to Confirmed.


In this state the handling order has been canceled and the order is not visible on the plan board anymore.


In this state the aircraft has arrived and the arrival details have been specified. The order is still sorted by arrival time to ensure that the order remains on top of the operations screen until the crew has been picked up.

Crew picked up

In this state the arrival has been handled and the order is sorted by departure date.

At the left a side step has been created to allow the customer to pay earlier. This way the passengers do not have to wait for the captain to finalize the payment.


In this state all the services are handled and the aircraft is ready for departure. If there are still unhandled services, it is not allowed to set the order to handled.

At the right another side step has been configured for the situation that the customer has departed without payment. In this case the payment can be settled afterwards. This can be useful for credit card payments for example.


In this state the payment has been settled. In case the payment fails, there is a transition 'Re-pay' to settle the payment with another form of payment. For simplicity, this transition is hidden from the workflow picture.


In this state the aircraft has departed and is ready to be closed. The order is still visible on the plan board. From here you can Register the order to be hand it over to the back office.


In this state the order is closed for operations and it is no longer visible on the plan board.

*** Configuration ***

The handling order workflow is fully customizable. You can for example build in a credit check before confirming the order. Learn more about workflow configuration.