Please find below list of Fuel guide pages:


  • FBO One fuel module information sheetThis document describes the requirements of an FBO that uses FBO One for aircraft handling services. For fuel sales, an inhouse system is used.
  • Introduction to the Fuel ModuleThis article introduces the business processes supported by the FBO One Fuel Module. To keep this introduction to the point, this explanation is written around a concrete example, the so-called reference-FBO.
  • Fuel ticket linkFBO One has the possibility to import fuel tickets from electronic meter readers.
  • Processing Fuel Orders in the Front OfficeOn this page we will look at how the front office can process fuel tickets imported by Veeder Root https://amsterdam.jira.com/wiki/display/MAN/Fuel+ticket+link.
  • How to set the default value for fuel excise taxIn this article we describe how to setup excise tax status of a debtor for excise tax on fuel.
  • How to override the Duty Tax flag
  • Grouped fuel ticketsFBO One looks at the fuel tickets time and combines them if the uplift time is within 1 hour for the same aircraft. The time interval is configurable via Administration / Stock keeping units page / Maximum timespan for grouping fuel tickets.
  • How to setup a hookup feeA hookup fee can be part of the Fuel service charges at some FBO's. In most of the cases, the Fuel service is auto-added to an order with 0 ltr. In this case the Hookup fee should not be charged until the uplift quantity is entered.
  • How to enter End of Month Fuel Stock TakingsAn option to create a stock taking record for every tank, truck, and cart at once is available from Fuel / Stock Takings. This option to create multiple records is designed to record routine, end of month, physical inventories.