How to add a new Bulletin Board category

Various teams in each FBO can have their own calendars in FBO One. By default a 'OPS Calendar' is defined for the operations team, and a 'VIP calendar' for the VIP-handling team.

To create new categories, go to Administration - Bulletin Board Categories and click ‘Add new’.

In this screen, items can also be made active or inactive by checking the 'Is active' checkbox at the bottom of the screen.

To choose from the Bulletin board category types, note the following:

- Calendar items are visible in the calendar of the OPS Order Grid, OPS Browse- and FUEL screen

- OPS Bulletin Board messages are visible in the Bulletin Board of the OPS browse and FUEL screen

- Plan board messages are visible in the order grid of the OPS browse screen (if column is added)

- Regular messages are visible in the left side bar of the order screen

- Finance messages are visible in the finance Bulletin Board tab of the order screen

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