How to configure a handling discount (or surcharge)

Scenario: you want to set up a discount (or a surcharge) on a handling fees service, that only applies to special cases like orders for a certain debtor, during peak hours or for certain flight types for example.

Before creating such a discount or surcharge you have to decide:

  1. Should the discount be visible on the handling order / invoice as a separate line?
    If not, the only change will be in the price and for the reader it won't be obvious a discount or surcharge was applied at all.
  2. Should the discount be a fixed amount or a percentage of the base price?
    This only has an effect if the base price changes later, because of price changes or because of a different calculation on other orders. For example, you set up a discount for the handling of a debtor that uses different types of aircraft in different handling categories, the base price may be different each time.

The first question is the most important one. If you show for example a 12% discount a EUR 600,- handling, the handling order might look like this:

Or, if you don't want to show the discount or surcharge on the handling order (but apply it silently) it will look like this:

In the first case you'll have to create a separate product, and in the latter case just an extra price agreement in the existing product will do.


Setting up a discount that shows up on the handling order

To make the discount show up, we'll create a separate product.

1) set up a discount product that wil be shown on the handling order. Apart from the name, the settings will most probably have to be like this:

A very important checkbox is the 'Show on handling order if price is 0'. It should be unchecked, because we'll later configure this product to be automatically added every time. That way, the product will allways be on the order, but if it's not applicable the price will be 0 so it wil be hidden.

2) set up a price agreement for the new discount product. If the discount is fixed, you have to use a negative price. If the discount is a percentage, use a negative percentage like in this example. For a surcharge, the numbers should be positive of course. The price agreement can filter on almost anything you want, to make the discount work only when it should. In all other cases, the price of the discount product will be zero, and it won't be shown on the handling order because of the settings we set in the product.


3) Configure the new discount product as a child product of the product it should work for. In this example that can be done in the HANDLING product, in the 'child products' tab:


Important thing here is to check the 'auto add' checkbox, so the discount product will always automatically be added to the order if the handling product is. Remember that doesn't mean a discount will be there on the handling order. If no price agreement applies, the price of the product will be zero and it will not show up.

Also, in the picture above there is already a 'HANDLING SURCHARGE' product as well. It is used for surcharges, usually for night or holiday handlings. Because we want them to show up with a different name on the handling order, we need a different product. And, because they are different products, the night surcharge and discount can both apply. That would not happen is we used one 'HANDLING DISCOUNT/SURCHARGE' product with multiple price agreements.


Setting up a discount that doesn't show up on the handling order

In this case, al you have to do is set up a new price agreement in the existing HANDLING product. The resulting price agreements then should look something like:

FBO One wil always start looking for a fixed price, so will find one for in the category of the order. In the example we used here it will be a CAT06, so EUR 600,. Then, the system will check for percentages, and wil in our example find the 88% and multiply 600 by .88, to get the final price (EUR 528,). This discount will only be applied if the price agreement for the 88% is valid, which is in this example the case if the arrival is a Royal or Government flight. For all other orders, there will be no discount of course.


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