How to configure a price change

If at a certain date, the price for a product changes, you could simply change the price of the current price agreement. But if you do so, ALL existing orders will get the new price. This is not the way we want it as the new price is only valid from a certain date. However if you do it like the example below, the existing orders will keep their old prices and new orders that use this product after the date will automatically get the new price.

1) Go the the product you want to change. Click the price agreements tab.

2) Edit the existing price agreement

Let's assume that for this product, Landing per ton, there has been a change in prices. From the 1st of June in 2010, the price per ton for aircraft between 30 and 50 MTOW the price is not 9 EUR per ton but 8.50 EUR. First we select the price that is going to expire. That is the selected (blue) line. We click 'Edit'.

As this price agreement is expiring on the 1st of June, we need to fill in this date in the "Valid Before" text field. Now click "Save".

3) Add a new price agreement

We need to add the new price agreement for this example which will be valid from this date. So click "Add new".

FBO One automatically fills in some fields, including the "Valid before" field. As we don't know yet when this new price agreement will expire, we leave it to a date far into the future.

We do need to fill in the "MTOW below" and "Price", which in this case are 30001 and 8.5. Click "Save".

Now we see the following screen:

Notice that the box in the upper left corner is checked. If the current date is after the 1st of June and that box is not checked, you cannot see the old price agreement, which is the white line above the blue.

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