How to configure a specific service discount

Scenario: you want to set up a discount on a specific service, that only applies to a certain debtor.

Before creating such a discount or surcharge you have to decide:

  1. Should the discount be visible on the handling order / invoice as a separate line?
    If not, the only change will be in the price and for the reader it won't be obvious a discount or surcharge was applied at all.
  2. Should the discount be a fixed amount or a percentage of the base price?
    This only has an effect if the base price changes later, because of price changes or because of a different calculation on other orders. For example, you set up a discount for the handling of a debtor that uses different types of aircraft in different handling categories, the base price may be different each time.

The first question is the most important one. If you show for example a 10% discount on GPU, the handling order might look like this:

Or, if you don't want to show the discount on the handling order (but apply it silently) it will look like this:

In the first case you'll have to create a separate product, and in the latter case just an extra price agreement in the existing product will do.

Setting up a discount that shows up on the handling order

To make the discount show up, we'll create a separate product.

1) set up a discount product that wil be shown on the handling order.

2) assign the discount as a child product to the product that needs the discount.

3) set up a price agreement for the discount in combination with the parent product.

After saving the price agreement, the price agreements overview looks like below:

Note that it is also possible to create a fixed price discount by entering the price instead of a percentage.

Setting up a discount that doesn't show up on the handling order

In this case, all you have to do is set up a new price agreement in the existing product. The resulting price agreements then should look something like this:


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