How to create a daily report

A Daily report as described here is a report found on the Ops screen, listed beneath the graph


By default, the 'Daily Flight Program' and 'Daily Service Summary' are visible.

Follow the below guideline to add a new report or to replace one of these reports with a custom report.

Begin by either creating the customised report or, deciding which of the existing reports is to be used.

For this example, a daily report containing Pax names for the day is required and has already been created and needs to be added as a daily report.


1)      Go to 'Administration' > 'Daily Reports' > 'Add New'

2) A more detailed description of field are described on the Daily Report (Fields) page

For this example, the fields have been filled out as follows:

The most important fields to be filled are:

  • Caption: the name of the report as displayed on the OPS screen.
  • Report: The report to be used 
  • FBO Location Group The location or locations for which this report is required
  • Number of days in the past: select the number of days in the past for which the report should be visible on the OPS page.
  • Number of days in the future: Same as above, but now for the future.

3) Now click 'Save'

The report has now been added and is available in the Ops screen. During setup (above) it was added for the location 'KHOU Only' and for 0-days in the past, and 2-days in the future:


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