How to handle half handlings

Typical handling orders in FBO One have an inbound and outbound flight leg. FBO One can also can support half handlings (arrival or departure-only orders), in two ways.

Using specific workflows for arrival only and departure only orders

FBO One has support for orders that have no flight legs (OTC orders) or one flight leg. So this can be used for half handlings and works nice, but there can be problems in certain situations.

  • The Edit flight screen will show only the relevant flight leg (as long as the order is in front office)
  • The Auto-add list can be used to add the correct products depending on the workflow
  • Pretty good support in reports and on screen
  • No information can be kept for the leg that is not handled (such as the Actual Time of Arrival for a departure-only order)
  • Parking charges cannot be calculated automatically
How to configure

As this is the default way to do it in FBO One, the arrival only and departure only are probably allready available on your Create order screen. If not, check the authorization for the start transition for both workflows.

Using a special flight type (e.g. 'Unhandled') to mark the unhandled leg.

  • Parking charges be calculated automatically
  • The flight type indicates which of the two legs are not handled by the FBO.
  • Price agreements can be used to set price for irrelevant products to 0
  • No support in movement reports for this scenario, FBO One doesn't know a leg is not relevant so always includes the unhandled legs in the movement report. You have to manually filter them out based on the flight type.
How to configure

As this is not the default or preferred way to handle it in FBO One, some configuration is required.

  • You may want to create a fake station like YYYY (as ZZZZ and XXXX are used already) as this will make the half handlings clearly visible in the order grid. Best practice however, would be to use your own station, and then use the flight type to make the difference between a flight taking off and landing at the same place and no flight.
  • You may want to create a fake station group called 'No flight' and add the fake station to it. This can be used in price agreements, although best practice is to base price on the flight type.
  • create a flight type called 'No flight', or multiple flight types like 'To maintenance' and 'To Other FBO'.
  • create a 'flight type price category' called 'No flight'
  • adjust price agreements for all products directly related to arrival or departure so price will be 0 if the flight type price category is 'no flight'
  • adjust the product settings for all products directly related to arrival or departure so they will not show on the handling order if the price is 0.
  • disable access to the default arrival only and departure only workflows