How to remove duplicated contacts

Sometimes, a new contact is created that already existed in the system. In such cases it is possible to merge the two accounts into a single account.

See Merge contact screen to view merge contact logic for source and target contact fields.

It is good practice to test the impact of merging contacts on your usertest system first. After the merge, you can download a log of the changes from the Audit report, that can be found in the Reports menu.

1) Find the first contact, the one you don’t want to keep (usually the last one entered). Select the Merge option.

2) Select the Target Organization. This is the contact that you do want to keep. Information will be merged into this contact. Once selected, click OK.

Important: Once OK is clicked to merge, the action is not reversible. Merged records cannot be unmerged. 

3) The screen will now show the Target Organization with the information merged.

An automatically created bulletin board message includes information about how the fields combined. This should be reviewed in case fields were different in the target and adjustments need to be made. 

4) During the merge, all orders and invoices transfer to the target contact.

If your organization processes credit cards online and maintains cards on file for contacts, any cards on file will also transfer to the target contact.

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