Workflow Configuration

Workflows can be created, altered or deleted by using an administration workflow screen.

To get a better idea of what work flows do and why they are so important in FBO One, you can have a look at our workflow glossary page. Here we will describe the different configuration aspects of workflows and how to maintain them.

Workflow parts
  1. Workflow
  2. Workflow state
  3. Tranitions
  4. Initial transition(s)

The workflow is a description of the workflow itself. In it's configuration it contains the name, type, if it's active, etcetera. The work flow consists of at least one initial transition and one or more states. if two or more states are defined the states are connected by transitions.

Workflow state

When a workflow is configured for orders for example an order in that workflow can be in a certain state. For example a state could be 'Waiting on arrival'. Workflow states therefore are configured with a name, a description, some visibility rules, etcetera.

For workflow states also colors can be defined, being 'Color' and 'ForeColor'. 'Color' is similair to the background color. These colors are used within the plan board and order grid. Giving workflow states different "logical" colors Ops people can easily identify the state of an order because it is displayed in a certain color. Let's have an example:

State configuration:


This is the result for the plan board control:


Here we see different results for order grid columns:

Order row with 'OrderWithStateColor'. See column settings.

Order row with 'PlainOrderStateShortName' and 'ColoredOrderStateShortName'. See column settings.

Order row with 'OrderStateColorIcon'. See column settings.