Entry transition actions

SendEntry transition action

This transition action is meant to ease the entry workflow of FBO One users.

The SendEntry action sends the entry file directly in to the Accounting server via FTP or Email, preventing the manual transfer of the file and any related issues such as forgetting to upload the file in the accounting software after export or manually editing of export file prior to the upload.


  1. The user would create the entry in the usual manner
  2. Prior to marking the files as "Processed", send the file using the SendEntry transition action 
  3. After having successfully sent the file the user should check that they are present on the FTP server (in case of FTP)
  4. In the event the files are not present or in case of a thrown error, the user can resend them
  5. Once the imported file are present on the FTP server the entries can be marked as being processed ("Mark entry as imported into accounting system")


Configuration details

In order to send the export files via FTP  to the accounting system or to send them via Email, a few configuration details must be entered in the according Workflow state transition fields.

The fields that need data are the configuration string fields.

FBO One distinguishes 2 types of configuration strings, for live and test environment:

Live environment uses:

  • Configuration string
  • Additional encrypted configuration string fragment

Local dev and usertest uses:

  • Test mode configuration string
  • Test mode encrypted config string fragment

"Configuration string" / "Test mode configuration string" details:

  • Scheme = (default=FTP) The scheme to be used when building a proper host URI. If scheme SFTP is used, the system will upload using SFTP protocol
  • Host = The host URI
  • Username = Username used for authenticating on to the FTP server
  • Password = Password used for authenticating on to the FTP server (for safety reasons please enter the values into the "additional encrypted configuration string fragment" field, were it will be automatically encrypted upon saving) Please enter this detail as Password="your password"
  • Path = The path on the FTP server where to upload the export files
  • Port = (default=21) The port to use in order to establish proper connection with the FTP server. Use Port=22 for SFTP
  • UseSSL = (true/false, default=false) Flag that states whether to use or not SSL encryption while file transfer . Not relevant if SFTP is used.
  • EnableEmail = (true/false, default=false) As an alternative to FTP the export files can be sent via email. In order to that this field must be set to "true"
  • EmailTo = Email addresses to which to email the export files. One or many emails addresses can be specified, but in case of many these must be delimited by ",". In case of being in a dev or usertest environment an extra field is shown in the transition screen where the default EmailTo values (the ones specified in the config string) can be overwritten.
  • EmailSubject = The email subject e.g. EmailSubject=FBO One Entries ~EntryNumber~  (Were ~EntryNumber~ will be filled automatically)
  • EmailBody = (default="") The email body
  • ExportDocumentType = (Compressed/Expanded/Both, default=Compressed) Because some entry exporters export document files in the compressed format or in the expanded one, or even both it is possible to specify which file to send via FTP or Email

"Additional encrypted configuration string fragment" / "Test mode encrypted config string fragment" details:

  • the password can be entered and stored (and automatically encrypted) in this field (store the entire string: Password=myPassword)

NOTE: On Usertest environments emails are sent out only to the recipients mentioned in the Test mode configuration string not those in the application setting TestEmailList