Order transition actions

Order transitions are the screens between two steps in the order workflow. If there is no transition action specified for the transition, only a simple screen with the 'OK' button.

Instead of this screen a transition action can be set. With these actions the arrival and departure times can be set, the payment can be completed the order can be cancelled and much more.

See the child pages below for all available order transition actions.

Order transitions configuration settings

This settings can be specified in Administration | Order workflows | HandlingOrder | Workflow state transitions.

List of settings:

  • ShowOrderInternalRemarks (default value = false). It can be used to show a text box for entering new order internal remarks when moving the order to the next workflow stage. These remarks are visible only in FBO One screens without being sent to clients.
    eg: ShowOrderInternalRemarks=true;  For example, when moving the order from Confirmed to Arrived, users can update the order internal remarks that will be visible for other FBO One users in the order screen.