CreateHomeOperatorOrder transition

This screen creates orders for tenants at the FBO. Those aircraft reside typically at the FBO, and handing requests are made for departure and subsequent arrival.

This is different from the regular CreateHandlingOrder screen, which creates orders based on an arrival and subsequent departure.

Specifying an alternative handling station

In case the FBO can handle home based aircraft at airports besides their own home location, it is needed to specify the handling station in the create order screen. To use this facility:

  • Go to Administration > Order Workflows & Select HomeOperatorOrder
  • Under the Workflow start transition(s) section, click 'Edit' set the configuration string to showHandlingStation=true
  • optionally, add the option selectDefaultHandlingStation, for example selectDefaultHandlingStation="KJFK"

Also, in the FBO location settings, make sure the flag 'Provides regional coordination' is checked.

Optional config string settings

See options in CreateHandlingOrder

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