RegisterOutbasedOrder transition

This is a transition action to register regional or outbased orders.

In this screen optionally the arrival and departure details can be entered. Each flight detail can be configured to be mandatory or not.

Below is the list of action settings:

  • AtaMandatory (Actual arrival date and time, default=true)
  • AtdMandatory (Actual departure date and time, default=true)
  • FromStationMandatory (Arrival from, default=true)
  • ToStationMandatory (Departure to, default=true)
  • InboundFlightTypeMandatory (Arrival flight type, default=true)
  • OutboundFlightTypeMandatory (Departure flight type, default=true)
  • InboundPaxMandatory (Arrival pax count, default=true)
  • OutboundPaxMandatory (Departure pax count, default=true)
  • InboundCrewMandatory (Arrival crew count, default=from setting)
  • OutboundCrewMandatory (Departure crew count, default=from setting)

When a setting is not configured, the default value applies.