OrderThirdPartyServiceTextOnly transition

FBO One can send orders to suppliers as PDF files or as plain text via email.
Plain text may be preferred by suppliers as all the supply order details are contained in the email itself without the need to open an attached pdf.
The transition OrderThirdPartyServiceTextOnly allows for the plain text supply order to be sent without the pdf attachment. The transition must be inserted into the service workflow 

NOTE: To send an email containing the Supply Order contents and with the PDF attachment, see OrderThirdPartyService transition

A template for the message that is sent to the supplier can be defined within the product (supply order template) - See How to configure Supply order templates
The default email body for all text only supply orders, is defined by the 'Email message setting' 'SupplyOrderTextOnlyEmailBody'. The 'Supply Order Template' text is then inserted using the variable ~supplyorderdetails~

The OrderThirdPartyServiceTextOnly transition screen presents as shown below.

Additional Information / Options:

  1. The display of the 'Delivery Date/Time' fields in this screen is controlled by the product setting 'Is Delivery Date Applicable'
  2. The list of available Suppliers as linked to this 3rd Party Service is controlled by the Suppliers list assigned to the product 
  3. The Supply Order Contents is taken from the Supply order template assigned to the product via 'Edit Supply Order template'
  4. By default, the 'Quantity' field does not appear in the OrderThirdPartyService transition screen. To show the Quantity field, ensure the 'Configuration string' ShowQuantity=true is added to the Service Workflow along with the transition:

   The ShowQuantity=true configuration string may be combined with the configuration string DefaultQuantity=1 (change the number accordingly) to ensure the quantity is set to a particular number by default

Outgoing Email

Clicking OK will send the email to the supplier.
The outgoing email subject is that of the SupplyOrderEmailSubjectTextOnly setting, and the email body is that of the SupplyOrderEmailBodyTextOnly setting (shown above). 

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