Product Calculator list

FBO One has a plugin model to automatically calculate the unit price and quantity of services. This calculation is performed by 'Product Calculators'. This makes it possible to easily add calculations based on existing information from the order or flight legs. Also it makes it possible to implement complex debtor specific calculations like parking fees and airport fees.

Which calculator is used can be set in the location specific product settings (all locations tab in the edit product screen).

Default price calculator 

By default services are calculated by the default price calculator which used the price agreements to determine the unit price. If no suitable price agreement can be found, the unit price is determined by the unit price entered by the user. The quantity is determined by the quantity entered by the user. The total price for the service will be the calculated by a simple multiplication of quantity and unit price.

Price calculator settings

Each calculator can have dedicated configuration settings for adjusting the calculation in terms of rounding or different min/max value limits. 
The default calculator settings are:

  • QuantityRoundingMethod; (by default the calculator has no specific rounding). This means the calculator will determine the quantity without applying any rounding to it. For example: ramp will add a service to charge GPU and enters 1.5 hours. The system will use this value for calculating the charges.
    • by using this setting we can specify that we actually need the full hour instead of 1.5 hour. This would be QuantityRoundingMethod=Ceiling. So the system will use QTY 2 hours. 
    • other possible values are: NearestInteger, Floor, ToEven
    • this setting is used in combination with the product property: '*Decimals in quantity'

To see other Product Calculator settings available please check each calculator page: