MTOW Calculator

Defines the quantity of the services to the aircrafts MTOW in tons. The target quantity is set in tons by default, but can be set in any unit.

Optional properties

TargetUnit(any weight-based unit, default=ton)
The target unit to convert the aircrafts maximum takeoff weight to.

QuantityUnit (any weight-based unit, default=TargetUnit, so ton if none given)
The unit to show on the invoice as quantity. Should only be used in combination with TargetUnit. For an aircraft of 12345kg, setting the targetUnit to 'ton' and the quantityUnit to 'kg', the result would be 13000. Setting the targetUnit to kg and the quantityUnit to ton would result in 12.345 (with a decimal point).

RoundingMethod(Ceiling, Floor, NearestInteger, None (e.g. for an A/C at MTOW 41,280kg the Qty will be 41.28Tons) Default=Ceiling)
When converting the maximum takeoff weight to another unit, this indicates if fractional values should be always rounded up, rounded down or rounded towards the nearest integer. The default is method is ceiling as usually, airports always round up to the next ton, so 5001kg becomes 6 ton.

Above (integer; default=0)
Returns only the number of units above this limit. This setting works on targetUnits

Upto(integer; default not set)
Ingores any weight above this number of units. This setting works on targetUnits.

takeMTOWInKgFromCustomProperty (string; default not set)
Allows to configure the name of a custom property to be used instead of the actual MTOW. This can be needed if the MTOW for this calclulaton should not be the standard one, but a different one, for example to calculate airport fees for a specific airport that uses different MTOW values.

ForceToBlankIfCustomPropertyIsNotSet (bool, default true)
If true, and a custom property is used for the MTOW (see takeMTOWInKgFromCustomProperty) an error will be shown if the custom property is missing. If set to false, the standard MTOW will be used silently.