MTOW exponential calculator

Sets the quantity to be the the MTOW to the given power. This was is used for route charges, for instance in Riga. It is very similar to the Swiss approach calculator.

The formula used is:

Quant = round( ( MTOW * factor ) ^ exponent )

where the MTOW is in kg like it is stored in FBO One.

Optional properties

Factor (real, default 1)
The factor to multiply the MTOW by, before doing the exponent calculation.  
In some case, the MTOW needs to be expressed in Tons and not KG. To achieve this, the factor should be set to 0.001.

Exponent (real, default 1)
The exponent to use (the power). The MTOW is raised to this power. 

RoundingDecimals (int, default1 0)
The number of decimals to round the MTOW by, before using it

A few examples of use would be:

eg1: To obtain the MTOW (Tons) raised to the power of 0.9 you would use configuration string Exponent=0.9;Factor=0.001.
The Exponent of 0.9 sets the MTOW raised by the power of 0.9 and the Factor 0.001 is used to transform the MTOW (Kg) into MTOW (Ton)

eg2:To obtain the Square root of the MTOW (Tons)/50 : sqrt(MTOW/50)  you would use configuration string Exponent=0.5;Factor=0.00002.
The Exponent of 0.5 is used to obtain the sqrt computation because x^0.5 is equivalent with sqrt(x).
Furthermore, MTOW(Tons)/50 is obtained from MTOW(kg)*0.001/50 .
So the factor must be 0.001/50 = 0.00002 in this case. 

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