Overnight calculator

Defines the quantity based on the number of nights the aircraft is on the ground, where a night is defined by the passing of 00:00.If the arrival or departure time is not known, zero is returned for now. This could change in the future, as 'unknown' would be better.

Optional properties:

FreeMinutesAfterArrival (int; default=0)
Number of minutes after arrvial that won't be charged.

ChargeFreeMinutesIfStayingLonger (bool; default=false)
Wheter or not to charge the FreeMinutesAfterArrival

MultiplyByTons (bool; default=false)
Wheter to multiply the found number of time intervals by the mtow in tons of the aircraft

takeMTOWInKgFromCustomProperty (string; default not set)
Allows to configure the name of a custom property to be used instead of the actual MTOW. This can be needed if the MTOW for this calclulaton should not be the standard one, but a different one, for example to calculate airport fees for a specific airport that uses different MTOW values. Only valid if 'MultiplyByTons' is true.

ForceToBlankIfCustomPropertyIsNotSet (bool, default=true)
If true, and a custom property is used for the MTOW (see takeMTOWInKgFromCustomProperty) an error will be shown if the custom property is missing. If set to false, the standard MTOW will be used silently.

alwaysChargeAfterFreeMinutes (bool, default=false)
When set to true, charges 1 when the arrival and departure are on the same day (after the FreeMinutesAfterArrival are expired), without having passed midnight.

Maximum (int; no default) 
The number of nights returned is at most the maximum.

SubtractFromMaximum (bool; default=false)
If true, the number of nights returned is the the maximum minus the number otherwise returned. This only works if the maximum has been set, and allows to return 1 if there is NO overnight, (by setting maximum to 1, and subtractfromaximum to true) so a discount for no overnight can be created.

Note: Take into account the timezone of the handling station, this can cause a different outcome depending on daylight savings time.


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