Parking per 24 hours

In spite of the name, this calculator can calculate quantity for parking per configurable timeframe, so it can be used for parking per hour or per minute as well.
Note that it is always based on Local Time. 

Apart from the special properties in this calculator, the properties of the standard parking calculator work here as well.

Optional properties

ChargingInterval (time; default=1.00:00)
The time interval used. Default is 1 day (24 hours), but it can be any timeperiod.

TargetInterval (time; default=empty)
Allows you to calculate the parking in minutes while the final charges will be in hours. For example 73 parking minutes, are charged as 1.21667 h 

TargetIntervalRoundingMethod (default=empty)
Allows you to round the quantity when TargetInterval is used. You can specify what rounding method to be used eg: Floor, NearestInteger, None, Ceiling. For example 73 parking minutes are 1.21667 h. By rounding this value, the system will use 1.22 h to further multiply the with the price and calculate the final amount. Without applying any rounding, the system will use the full number 1.21667 to calculate the final amount. 

FreeMinutesAfterArrival (int; default=0)
Specify a number of free of charge minutes after the Aircraft has arrived. 

ChargeFreeMinutesIfStayingLonger (bool; default=true)
If true, the parking calculation will charge also the free minutes after arrival when the aircraft departs later than the free of charge period after arrival.

MultiplyByTons (bool; default=false)
Wheter to multiply the found number of time intervals by the mtow in tons of the aircraft

MtowFactor (double, default=0.0), MtowExponent (double, default=0.0)
If MultiplyByTons is set to true, the following options can be used to apply another factor to the calculation. Instead of only multiplying by tons, now the time parked will be multiplied by the MTOW x ((Factor/MTOW)^Exponent). With an MTOW of 40 tons and a MtowFactor of 120 and an MtowExponent of 0.5, the time parked will be multiplied by this: 40 x ((120/40)^0.5) 

MtowRoundingMethod (Floor, NearestInteger, None, Ceiling. default=ceiling)
When converting the maximum takeoff weight to another unit, this indicates if fractional values should be always rounded up, rounded down or rounded towards the nearest integer. The default is method is ceiling as usually, airports always round up to the next ton, so 5001kg becomes 6 ton. If you do not want to round you can select the option 'none'.

FreeMinutes (int; default=0)
Specify a number of free of charge minutes for the overall parking time.
Note: the free minutes always apply regardless the flag ChargeFreeMinutesIfStayingLonger.  

EstimateChargesBeforeArrival  (bool; default=true)
If true, the parking calculation will consider unassigned time for parking until the a/c has actually arrived. This setting will only show charges when a Parking stand is set pre-arrival.

RoundQuantityPerAssignment (bool, default=true)

By default, the quantity is incremented per parking assignment.


assignment1: 20 mins to be charged (1 day)
assignment2: 60 mins not to be charged 
assignment3: 20 mins to be charged (1 day)

The above example results in a quantity of 2 days (2 x 1 day).

Set RoundQuantityPerAssignment to False, if the quantity must be calculated based on the overall parking interval fractions. In that case, the quantity will be 1 day (2 x 20 minutes = 40 minutes rounded up to 1 day)

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